Medical Procedures

Medical Procedures

Micro Needling and PRP "The Vampire Facial" by Mia Quigley, RPN
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Tox Treatment (Call for Price)

Upper Face:

This includes the forehead, crow's feet, and eyes. Most people need between 25-50 units 3-4 times a year

Lip Flip:

Tox injected into the upper lip to help correct an inward-turning smile, creates more definition for the upper lip. This is ideal for anyone who wants lip filler but is not yet ready to commit. It's minimally painful and results happen within three days.

Gummy Smile:

For people when they smile their top lip disappears. It helps relax the muscle that brings the upper lip up too high. Minimal discomfort in two injection spots. takes three days for results to begin to show


Filler (Call for Price)

Lip filler:

Most new clients need a full syringe of filler... it's more expensive than a lip flip however most people only need filler once or twice a year. It uses dermal filler with hyaluronic acid to create volume, definition, and balance.

Filler Dissolver:

Filler that no longer looks right? It can be in lips, cheeks, etc. If you've had work done somewhere else, maybe a part of treatment planning. Works instantly refilling process can start 2-4 weeks after dissolving

Cheek Filler (Coming Soon):

This is a contour that doesn't wash off, huge for facial aging and balance. One to two syringes are required, with instant results.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)
(Call for Price)

Micro Needling with PRP:

This uses the body's own healing properties to create collagen, and elastin, all things important for maintaining youthful skin. Small micro-injuries are created to activate the healing cascade and promote skin cell rejuvenation. It can be used on the chest for wrinkled and sun-damaged skin. This requires minimal downtime. Tales 3-5 sessions. 6 weeks apart.

PRP Hair Restoration:

Women with thinning hair this is for you! PRP is injected into the scalp to help nourish the root and prevent the root from dying (preventing further hair loss). It also helps add nutrients to the scalp to help create thicker and fuller hair in as little as two treatments. Typically 5-7 treatments are needed (packages are available). It's what the Hadid and Kardashians use for bald spots from over styling

(Special Intro Price $80)

We use a finer medical-grade blade to gently remove dead skin, fine hairs and exfoliate the skin. Dermaplanning is ideal for those who are looking for minimal downtime and looking to improve the skin's general appearance. It also helps improve a makeup application, by allowing skin care products to penetrate deeper and generally improve skins brightness